The Pursuit of Vocal Dreams Episode 26


1. Nic Toms - After Sunshine (Original Mix) [Fraction Records]

2. spArk feat. Kristy Richardson - Moments (Original Mix) [Stories in Trance]

3. Max Braiman - Moving Metropol (Original Mix) [Always Alive Recordings]

4. Ana Criado and D-Mad - Little Signs of Distance (Original Mix) [AdrianRazRecordings]

5. Mike Foyle and ReFeel - Legacy (Rafael Frost Remix) [Arisa Audio]

6. Tenishia and Ruben De Ronde feat. Shannon Hurley - Love Survives (Flashtech Remix) [S107 Recordings]

7. Phyzix feat. Ren - Back to You (Theoretical Mix) [Nile Tunes Recordings]

8. Moonsouls - Resolution (Original Mix) [Infrasonic Recordings]

9. Koko B. feat. Jessica Silvers - Like Heaven (Anddriqui Bianchini Remix) [Sorcery Records]

10. Ben Gold - Amplified (Original Mix) [Garuda]